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Alison Rosen

First Appearance:
February 4, 2009

Alison Rosen is a journalist, blogger, and pop culture analyst. She is a contributing editor for Page Six Magazine and a regular commenter on Fox News's Red Eye.[1]


  • Episode 272 - 2/4/09 - Where Alison Rosen comments on freakishly large milk printers
  • Episode 323 - 4/17/09 - Where we're nothing but a bunch of no-good yuppies
  • Episode 370 - 6/25/09 - Where we're still up at Alison o'clock
  • Episode 419 - 9/4/09 - Where Alison Rosen is shrinking
  • Episode 531 - 3/5/10 - Where we meet Alison Rosen's mother


  1. - Alison Rosen Bio from her website

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