Clayton Morris

Host, Fox & Friends
First Appearance:
June 19, 2008

Clayton Morris is the co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend on the Fox News Channel and a former co-host of the syndicated The Daily Buzz.[1] He also hosts a podcast called The Grizzly Bear Egg Café with his childhood friend Mike Quackenbush. [2]


  • Episode 124 - 6/19/08 - Where Fox News is giving us something good to talk about
  • Episode 163 - 8/14/08 - Where Wilson eats scorpions, bears, and sharks, oh my!
  • Episode 195 - 9/30/08 - Where Jeff isn't really Jewish
  • Episode 281 - 2/18/09 - Where Clayton Morris swims with the fishes
  • Episode 404 - 8/14/09 - Where we've made it 403 more episodes than anyone thought we would
  • Episode 493 - 1/07/10 - CES: Where we pulled the plug on the Microsoft keynote
  • Episode 524 - 2/23/10 - Where you should avoid racist polar bears


  1. - Clayton Morris Bio from his website
  2. - Clayton Morris Bio from Grizzly Bear Egg Café

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