Dan Ackerman

CNET Senior Editor
First Appearance:
March 10, 2008

Dan Ackerman is a CNET senior editor. He was previously a senior editor at and editor in chief of Clubplanet. He has been featured in several major publications including Blender and USA Today.[1]

He is married to Libe Goad, another repeat guest of the show.[2]


  • Episode 52 - 3/10/08 - Where pop-pop lives in the attic...
  • Episode 139 - 7/11/08 - Where none of us want the new iPhone
  • Episode 209 - 10/20/08 - Where Dan Ackerman plugs everything under the sun
  • Episode 293 - 3/6/09 - Where Dan Ackerman has a Mac Mini in his pants


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  2. - The 404 209 Show Notes

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