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109 - Where we do it it slowly...
Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where we do it it slowly...Edit

Fat kids jump (all right, just shout) for joy--this episode is dedicated to you and your far-reaching obsession with foodstuffs. Oh and speaking of fat, today we talk about Michelle Malkin and take an in-depth look at the miracle of personal deep frying, kooky Japanese space beer, the marketing morons at Blockbuster, and Sex and the City AGAIN! One of these days, we're finally going to admit that we're SATC fans.

Topics CoveredEdit

  • Space Beer [1]
  • Michelle Malkin is an idiot [2]
  • Blockbuster marketing [3]
  • Many partners in Sex and the City[4]
  • Fry Daddy [5]


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