Jeff Bakalar

CNET Editor
First Appearance:
November 15, 2007

Jeff Bakalar is a writer, filmmaker, tech journalist, and a host of The 404. He is currently an editor for CNET covering gaming and home theater. He also hosted Pre-Game with Mark Licea.

Jeff has appeared on countless news and entertainment TV programs such as G4’s “Attack of the Show,” Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Reuters TV, and Jeff also has regular weekly segments with the Moose & BSox show on 103.3 Lazer FM in Des Moines and Wendi Summers on 1620 AM Talk Radio in Pensicola, Florida.

He currently lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.[1]


  • Video Games
  • Hockey (New Jersey Devils)


  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Most other things

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  1. - Jeff Bakalar Bio from his blog

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